In a perfect world these things will be 100% gone. But at this point I’m not willing to fight the battle of birthday parties, playdates, family dinners, etc. at least until I see some real results. Here are the targets, is some sort of order of importance:

– Soft drinks (which we affectionately refer to in our house as “sippy”, a story for another day)
– Sugary cereals
– Fast food, and chicken nuggets in particular
– Sweet treats that come in krinkly packages
– Candy, particularly with articifical colouring
– Wheat-based crackers (favourite these days is Wheat Thins)
– Wheat bread
– All refined sugar (especially regular ketchup)
– All gluten (plan to keep rice, corn, amaranth etc. in the short term)
– All grain (a longer term goal)
– Dairy (possibly).

Here we go!


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