Transition Treat – GF Cinnamon Buns


My goal today was to bake a loaf of GF bread in the breadmaker, in order to move along the plan to wean DS1 off his whole wheat sandwich bread.  But DS2 was ready to help with the baking, and his order was for cinnamon buns.

I found it challenging to find a recipe – surprisingly, there are quite a few yeast free GF cinnamon bun recipes out there, which I shall try another day.  I wasn’t able to find any GF bread machine recipes for cinnamon buns.  So I patched something together using non-bread-machine recipes and my old GF bread machine recipe.  My dough turned out *way* too wet, and I had to throw in a lot of extra flour, and since I only threw in one type (brown rice flour), the result is a bit grainy.  But surprisingly they taste quite a bit like those crunchy little two bite ones you can buy in the grocery store.  And for a change these have ample butter-sugar-cinnamon mix inside – Yum!

Not posting the recipe because I would not want to replicate it – the dough was way too sticky and hard to work with.  Maybe next time, if there is one!

But anyway, the key point is that both boys chowed down on the buns and never mentioned that they tasted weird or different, so that’s a score in my book.  Now just have to break DS2 of the habit of expecting to pick up cinnamon buns when we are out and about! ;-p

PS – this home cooking thing is really throwing a wrench into my own diet which is supposed to be grain, dairy, nightshade and sugar free – oops.  Back on track again tomorrow 🙂


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