New Ingredients – Coconut Oil and Almond Flour

This morning I decided to try another waffle experiment to help us move away from breakfast cereals. A few weeks ago, I tried the waffle recipe out of the wonderful paleo cookbook, Eat Like a Dinosaur. I thought they were yummy, but unfortunately the kids and hubby thought they were too weird and wouldn’t even eat them! Argh. So I decided my next attempt would be a “transition” gluten-free waffle.

I’ve had success in the past with the waffle recipe in Carol Fenster’s Wheat Free Recipes and Menus (2002), so I started there. It is actually very similar proportion-wise to my standard waffle recipe, in terms of wet to dry ratio and amount of oil. I worried it might still be too wet, so I reduced liquid by 1/2 C. For the flour, I subbed 1/2 C almond meal and 1 C flour mix – brown rice, potato starch and tapioca. For oil, I used 1/2 coconut oil and 1/2 EVOO.

Results = too wet and too oily! Despite having 1/4 C of oil, my standard recipe sticks a lot to the waffle iron and I have to spray or brush on more oil. These ones were swimming in oil. I guess that’s the coconut oil? Also, not sure why the batter was so wet, except perhaps that the almond meal does not soak up the liquid? Anyway, the waffles were edible and even tasty even though slightly undercooked, and the kids did not complain about weirdness at all. Hubby went to brush the almond meal out of his teeth afterwards, but he shouldn’t be eating grains anyway ;-p

Again, sampling the results was a faileo for me and my paleo autoimmune protocol… don’t know how other moms do it! I need some tips from The Paleo Mom 🙂

BTW, do you have a waffle iron that makes circus shapes? I do!


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