Goal Update – One Month

I think it was about a month ago when I drafted these goals for making our transition, so it’s time for an update. Let’s see how we are doing!

– Soft drinks

There was a “slush puppy” incident at the hockey game we attended last week with many of the hockey families we play with. DS1’s good friend and the 3 kids sitting near him all had slush puppies (like Slurpees) when we arrived at the game. So both boys ended up with yucky, bright red “cherry” slushies. Right before bedtime. Bad on so many levels. Need to start thinking about a yummy summer treat that is going to prevent me from breaking down and buying a round of screamers (slushie + soft ice cream).
There was also a root beer for both boys when I took them out to a restaurant with a friend and her kids. I was a bit surprised that she let her kids order pop, and then felt like I didn’t have a choice. Of course I did. Need to work on how to handle social situations!

– Sugary cereals
This is going really well. DS1 is using Rice Chex as his “base” cereal, and adds in some of the GF ones (e.g. Gorilla Munch). We are using up the last of the remaining wheat cereal and then there won’t be any! Will try to start offering more waffles from the freezer and maybe some muffins or something to stop relying on the cereal so much.

– Fast food, and chicken nuggets in particular
I ended up getting McDonald’s for the kids one night when DH was not home for dinner. The good news is I didn’t eat it myself 😉 We are still working on the issue with the toys, i.e. we are not going to go there just so we can get the crap toy with the meal. But going less often is definitely a step in the right direction. And of course, once we are more fully committed to gluten-free, chicken nuggets will be off the menu 🙂 I did try the Fool’s Gold recipe last night from Eat Like a Dinosaur, and DS1 did not flinch. Score!

– Sweet treats that come in krinkly packages
Still have some pantry items that are being eaten up. Making cookies two weeks in a row was great for DS1’s lunch. I don’t think he had a single krinkly package in two weeks. Of course there were granola bars for other outings – will try making my own, but those may be one of the last non-GF items to go. I ended up buying DS2 a package of yogurt-covered pretzels in a grocery store one day – still feeling guilty about that. This problem is all me and a little bit them.

– Candy, particularly with articifical colouring
This month included Valentine’s Day, which was a candy nightmare. I am ashamed to admit that I purchased valentine cards for the boys to use that included disgusting lollipops. Both boys received a few similar ones, along with some other treats: a little bit of chocolate, and a few homemade cookies. Guess next year I’ll be doing the homemade paleo treats!

– Wheat-based crackers
We are going to run out of Wheat Thins soon and I’m not planning to buy more! On Friday I slipped some nacho chip “sandwiches” (cheese melted between two chips) into DS1’s lunch along with the cracker sandwiches. No complaints, so maybe I’ll try subbing those completely one day. I have not tried the Sakata rice crackers with him, but that’s an option. DS2 is eating up the rice crackers with no complaint whatsoever. His preschool snack is now about 50/50 rice crackers and something with wheat in it. Will try adding some GF animal crackers this week.

– Wheat bread
I finally got the the store and picked up some potato starch, so I can try a GF bread in the bread machine soon (was going to last week but that turned into cinnamon buns thanks to DS2!). I bought two loaves of GF bread on sale to keep in the freezer. I also bought some vacuum-sealed hot dog buns that apparently will last for some time – a little scary. I see that my local grocery store has frozen ones too.

– All gluten
Pleased with the progess all around – school snacks/lunches are moving in the right direction, breakfast is going well, dinner is not so bad – with the exception of hot dog buns. I served rice pasta last night without any complaints. Homemade treats are being well received.

Longer term goals:
– All refined sugar
– All grain
– Dairy


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