Pancake Experiments – Paleo Crepes

I am taking advantage of extra weekend time to try another recipe. This time I thought I would try crepes, since I’d like to try subbing them for the wheat tortillas that DS2 often eats for lunch.

Rather than trying a gluten-free transition, this time I went full paleo. I know from experiments long ago that crepes are pretty easy because of the high liquid to flour ratio. It’s just a matter of getting that consistency *just* right…

Didn’t have a lot of time to hunt for a recipe since DS2 was up and hungry, but a few looked promising. I opted for a coconut flour version over almond flour, partly because I would love to have a nut free option for school, and also because I was hoping for a smoother batter than I had yesterday with the waffles.

The first recipe that popped up was this one from Against All Grain – looks like a great site that I’ll have to check out more later. Interesting addition of arrowroot.

Next was this almond flour version – will try that another day.

I was excited to then see one from my trusted resource, The Paleo Mom. Unfortunately, this is a plantain based crepe and, not only did I not have any in the house, I have not been able to source them anywhere in my town (but still looking). So save this one for another day as well. But DS2 saw the picture with the “nutella”, so we had to make that too ;-p I altered the recipe a bit – coconut butter, dark chocolate, and almond butter. Tasted great to me!

I’m a bit out of practice cooking crepes so it did take a few tries to get it right. Started with the pan way too hot, and flipping the crepes too soon. Although they started to look good to me, unfortunately DS2 claimed to be turned off by the “black” on them (not black, just a little brown!). I think the real problem was the “nutella” was not sweet enough for him. I forget that my kids did not do The 21-Day Sugar Detox with me and are still sugar addicted šŸ˜¦ In any case, I think it was fairly successful – just have to master the fillings and the appearance, and I think I can win him over.

In terms of consistency, I found the batter a little runny. I used 3 eggs, 1/2 C rice milk (not paleo I know but that’s what I have in the fridge right now), 2 T coconut flour, 1 T butter and 1 tsp arrowroot. Next time I will try less milk, more flour.

PS – DS1 came home from an early hockey game and was interested in trying one. It was a bit cold, but I sprinkled a little sugar on the nutella to try to solve the sweetness problem. He said it was “too chewy.” Huhh?? Either he doesn’t like the egg texture, or it still wasn’t sweet enough ;-p Ah well, when it’s all I’m offering, I bet they’ll get on board šŸ˜‰


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