A Better Day and Another Cookie Experiment – Paleo Pizelle

So, on the heels of some failures yesterday, I have two successes to report.

1. At 3 years and 5 months, DS2 spent the whole night last night in a bed without me. He did not wake up. I woke up to an alarm. It was a beautiful thing. I hope it continues and hasn’t been jinxed by me writing it down.

2. DS2 took a 100% gluten free snack to preschool:

Yes, the grains aren’t the greatest and this still looks very much like a traditional grain-based meal, but it’s a start!

Buoyed by these successes, DS2 and I tackled a new treat to replace the cookies we made yesterday that he is unable to eat 😦 We finally got out the ice cream maker and put the insert in the freezer, and mixed up some Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream from Eat Like a Dinosaur. Hopefully the insert is cold enough and we can get it going right before dinner.

To go along with the ice cream, DS2 requested a cone. So I got out the pizelle maker, which I’d been intending to do anyway. I found this recipe for paleo pizelle. I used brown sugar, for better or worse, and flavoured with cinnamon rather than anise or vanilla. I haven’t used the pizelle iron since before Christmas, so I was a bit out of practice. Completely forgot that greasing it first would be a good idea:
pizelle fail

So, cleaned up that mess and got into the swing of it. Mine didn’t look like Kate’s – not sure how much this has to do with the sugar. They taste fine to me, and I was able to make some into a waffle cone shape.
waffle cone

But they are very crispy and delicate – definitely not the kind of snacks the kids can eat on the couch while watching tv! (Yes, my kids watch tv and although I don’t like it, they often eat while doing it.) And probably no one will like the almond meal texture/taste. But it’s a start, and I’m excited to try the pizelle iron again soon, maybe with a savory nut-free recipe that I can send to school with DS1.


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