No photos, just a boring text post.  Just needed to vent about my two big failures today:

1. GF Sandwich Bread – used the bread machine on dough cycle, then switched to oven for baking, forgot to time it, and then tried to judge using a thermometer (read this would be helpful), and it ended up raw in the middle.  And it tasted like crap.  So I threw it out.  And this is after I decided not to buy a loaf of whole wheat bread at the grocery store today!

2. GF Chocolate Chip Cookies – I made this recipe and used my “traditional” gluten free flour mix of rice flour, tapioca, amaranth, and potato starch.  I gave the boys 1/2 a cookie to sample and within a few minutes DS2 started complaining that his throat hurts.  Since I’ve never heard him use that body part label before, that to me means something significant.  The only thing I can think of is the amaranth, and I suspect this simply because as an infant he reacted to my consumption of other ancient grains, e.g. quinoa and millet.  This totally bites because we had just mixed up a bucket of flour mix that includes the amaranth, and I just spend how ever many dollars on amaranth and quinoa flour, assuming DS2 had outgrown his sensitivities (which are actually true allergies?).  Argh.

So now DS1 and DH have to consume the whole batch of cookies (which shouldn’t be a problem) and I have to come up with a new flour solution for anything I make that DS2 wants to eat.

In a way, the bread failure is helpful because it may help us move faster past the “transition bread” phase and into sandwich free lunches.  My ideas for this week include trying a corn tortilla quesadilla (sort of a sandwich, but at least a little different) and making up some savory pizelle.  Stay tuned!


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