Goal Update – 3 1/2 Months

OMG, this blogging thing is hard. I think you are actually supposed to, ya know, do it regularly! I’ve decided I need to spend a bit less time reading about everyone else’s adventures and focus a bit more on my own. Perhaps some accountability will help ;-p

Going to start with a boring goal update, just for my own reference…

– Soft drinks
Expectations have changed. I think my kids know I will not offer them any “sippie” at home. They have had it when out a few times – hockey team party, birthday party at McDonald’s, lacrosse game with Dad, special Slurpee outing with Dad. Would prefer if it was never, but honestly I don’t see an immediate reaction in my kids, so we’ll fight this battle another day.

– Sugary cereals
Cereal is now 100% GF. Not totally satisfied with the offerings (Gorilla Munch, etc.) but my kids are now only eating cereal a few days a week, so not a big deal. Mostly breakfast is waffles or “cinnamon cake” (recipe from The Paleo Mom) for DS1 and oatmeal, yogurt, or fruit for DS2.

– Fast food, and chicken nuggets in particular
There was quite a good break with no McD’s at all, then recently they had it twice in two weeks! Both times I did not eat myself. Not worrying about this too much since we are mostly GF but not 100% there.

– Sweet treats that come in krinkly packages
Doing quite well here, but there are still a few things in the cupboard that I am letting the kids eat up rather than throwing them away. Snacks at lacrosse games are quite a problem. I’m considering getting the kids tested for celiac since I think this is the only way I could get family members to enforce GF in social situations.

– Candy, particularly with articifical colouring
It seems like the less they have it, the more they want it. But it is supposed to be a treat, right? Not saying no to the treats the teacher hands out at school for reading milestones, or to lollipops that the barber gives for a haircut. Pick your battles…

– Wheat-based crackers
DS1 is not eating crackers for lunch at all – school lunches are a bit of a problem. DS2 is completely off wheat crackers, no question. One Gramma is serving GF crackers, the other (who is supposed to eat GF herself) is not. A little work to be done there…

– Wheat bread
Our grocery store GF bread was working for a while, and then I switched to paleo bread (from The Paleo Mom). The first loaf with pumpkin seeds went over fine, but the second loaf with sunflower seeds was rejected (I don’t want to use pumpkin seeds regulary because DS2 is allergic). Now DS1 is not keen on any bread, and has eaten a few non-sandwich lunches. Is this a move to paleo lunches? Protein and fat components are still a problem. We shall see!

– All gluten
Definitely not 100% but it is amazing how far we have progressed in a short time. A lot of favourite foods are completely gone and we are still working on replacements, but have small successes here and there.

– All refined sugar
Not too worried about this right now since it’s easier (and cheaper) to bake with regular sugar. Making lots of GF cookies, quick breads, etc. instead of buying them, so I’m happy with this for now. I want to have a base of recipes that are working well before I start to tinker with the sugar.

– All grain
Made these sunflower butter cookies from PaleOMG that I thought were going to be an amazing hit, but the kids just found the taste too different. I’m going to mostly stick with GF recipes for now and save the grain free for down the road, otherwise I end-up having to eat the whole batch myself – not good!

– Dairy
I have a niggling feeling that dairy is a problem for all of us, especially DS2. Not sure how to go about tackling it. Considering consulting with a RD who has a glowing recommendation from a friend. But definitely falls lower down on the priority list.

Final thoughts: How is GF going? I’m disappointed that I haven’t noticed any marked improvements in my kids’ behavior since eliminating most gluten. Maybe it really does make a difference if you don’t go all the way? The other issue is that we replaced wheat products with a fair bit of corn, and I know this was an issue for DS1 as a toddler. Again, thinking it might be a question for the RD who would hopefully have specific recommendations about what to cut when. This would be much easier in the summer though, when I don’t have to worry about school lunches.

How is this blog going? Not well! I’m often thinking, Gee I should take a picture of this, or I should post about this, but I just don’t make it a priority. Spending too much time on FB and there is too much going on there to keep up with! But I do need more accountability, so I am going to try to post more, and also start posting about my own progress as well as the kids. I need a little motivation to stick with the AIP and get to the bottom of some of my sensitivities.


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