My Food Nemesis . . .

. . . is chocolate.  It is the single most troublesome food standing in the way of me and completing the Autoimmune Protocol.  It is a problem for a number of reasons:

1)  Chocolate is a seed, and seed are not permitted on the AIP;

2)  The way I generally eat it, it contains lots of refined sugar; and

3)  Unless you choose very carefully, it probably also contains soy lecithin, which is not a Paleo or AIP food.

But it tastes so good.  And it hits an emotional soft spot.  It just feels good.

But the good feeling is short lived.  It’s not a healthy food for me.  It gives me an upset tummy after I eat it (usually in too large a quantity), and often leads to constipation over the next day or two.  And the caffeine probably isn’t helping either.  Doesn’t really seem worth it, does it?  So why do I keep going back to it?

Chocolate is a crutch, a form of medication.  I reach for it when I’m tired, with the mistaken belief that it is going to make me feel better.  Emotionally maybe, but not physically.  It’s a bandaid solution that masks a larger problem.  Low energy caused by insufficient sleep, poor food choices, lack of exercise, and burned-out adrenal glands.  Fix these issues and the chocolate cravings might disappear – what a concept!  Easier said than done.

I’m hosting a four year old’s birthday party in four days, and I made the mistake of buying a gluten-free chocolate cake mix, which means I’m planning to eat some of this cake.  The idea that I would spend a day decorating it and not eat any was not sitting well, so I guess I’ll be indulging.  And then we will talk more about breaking up with chocolate, again.


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